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The information about those who are “Mora Prokaza” now and about the former members.

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Mora Prokaza’s Creed



  • And I feel that my end now is close to me, and my demons are gathered beside. They've surronded my deathbed, they're waiting here, hurry me, and are waving their arms.

    My Awakening
  • Now, when the dark explosion’s done, they’ll sample the revenge. They’ll taste the Wrath eternal, dark. ‘Tis Sun and Life’s dead end.

    Painful Night
  • And liars’ hope is worthless and dead, just greedy emptiness will be left. Between horizons – invisible death. Forget the mercy and follow your fate.

    Kingdom Of Pain
  • Those CAN'T break that holy frontier, who cannot get "Cunning" as his second name. And they'll bury in filth of a deadly sin Prophetic Wizard who's followed the shades.

    In the Filth
  • Pathetic voices here can make no sound: Great nothingness may darken everything. Dead coachman in a chariot of fire Is driving us to infinite deep sea.

    Dark Universe
  • Darkness! I hear you today! Pest! Oh, cover the Earth! Gold of dark will show what it worth. Satan! We're sons of yours!

    Satanic Hymn
  • And different people then reach the shore, with blackened eyes and the soul of dark. To carry on Satan's will on Earth, obedient servants who came from the barque.

    The Shipman
  • This you can read in a Book of Power: the soul of the Earth should be destroyed. Enter the Abyss by passing the archway, rise over blood, ashes and bones.

    Running Tribe
  • The catacomb kingdom, the ancient burial, the empty coffin has gathered deceived. The sky's covering with the clouds of fury, The Hoax fed the new power's greed.

    The Hoax