Release of the long-awaited album!

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he album «Bringer of Plague» by Mora Prokaza was released in the US on February 2, 2015 by Black Metal Cult Records. The first issue consists of a 100 signed copies.

The album contains seven tracks and ends with a furious instrumental piece.


  1. The Choir Of The New Age
  2. Eternity Streams
  3. The Marsh Of Slaves
  4. Bringer Of Plague
  5. Into Ashes
  6. Forgotten Crypt
  7. Prokaza

The material for the album was recorded and mixed during the summer of 2014.

To record this album Farmakon used the hatred of “Mayones” guitars, “Seymour Duncan” pickups, “Ibanez” bass-guitar and “The t.bone” microphone.

To record this album Isvind used the speed of Axis «Longboards» pedals and the rage of PAISTE «Rude» cymbals.

First of all we as band members congratulate OURSELVES on this remarkable date and thank each other for long hours of work on the material, for patience and understanding, for the firestorm of Black Metal ideas and devotion to our black mission.

We thank our comrade and executive producer from Black Metal Cult Records – Demogorgon 88.

We thank our visual artist Red Absinth for her amazing cover design, and also Dmitri Mikulich and Sergei Gvardeenko.

And finally, we want to thank all our foes and ill-willers for stimulating us to be more rageful in our projects to come.


A new album is coming soon!